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What Causes Grey Hair and How to Prevent It?

There is an old saying that goes, “Father time is undefeated.” It means that no one, regardless of how good they look, can forever escape the grasp of time. This is especially true aesthetically. No matter how good you think you look right now, at some point, age will catch up to you.This is especially true for men and their hair.

As men age, they tend to lose their hair. But for those that are fortunate enough to keep their hair, eventually, they go grey. While many people find grey hair to be off-putting, it can often be seen as a sign of wisdom and grace. Rather than being in the dark, you’ll find out what causes grey hair, and you’ll learn about what you can do about it.

What causes grey hair?

While there are numerous reasons, the primary reason your hair goes grey is interestingly enough the same reason your hair has color. Melanin is a very well-known pigment, and it is associated with darkening of the skin, hair, and eyes. Melanin is often a reflection of good health and sturdy genetics, but in recent years, it has gotten a bad name due to its relation to greying of hair.

women-losing-hair-over-stressIn our youth, melanin is produced in large amounts by the body. There are still a lot of questions as to what specifically causes your hair and skin to go dark from melanin, but for the most part, many people believe the gene that produces it is linked to the production in large quantities when you’re younger. However, for whatever reason, your body tends to stop producing melanin when you’re older.

A lot of people speculate that the phenomenon that causes melanin production to cease is related to stress. While stress has been shown to lead to decreased production of melanin, in reality, the reason why it happens is simply unknown. Regardless, you can expect to start seeing pronounced melanin decreases around your 40s and 50s. It is during this time that your hair will begin to whiten and lose its color.

A lot of men and women alike tend to deal with their greying hair in a number of ways. Some people make an effort to fight the effects whereas others acquiesce. Regardless of how you feel about it, here are some of the ways you can fight off the effects of greying hair.

What you can do about grey hairs?

While many people wonder about what causes grey hair, there is no doubt that there are a lot of solutions to deal with greying. One of the main ways you can deal with it is quite obvious and cheap:hair dye or coloring.

While a lot of people find hair dye to be perfectly acceptable, hair dye is often very costly, especially if it’s high quality. Understand, hair dye is simply cosmetic. It will not permanently alter the color of your hair, and over time, from bathing, perspiration, and rubbing against fabrics, the hair dye will eventually wear out.

what-hair-color-is-best-for-my-skin-toneIf hair dye is not a preferred solution, you can also opt to try another more expensive solution. One of the most popular alternative methods is using melanin treatments. A lot of people with lighter complexions or lighter eye colors tend to use pigmentation treatments to change their skin color and eye color. After realizing how effective melanin treatments are in dealing with the aforementioned treatments, doctors and aestheticians have begun using melanin treatments on the hair follicles as well. Not only will the hair follicles themselves become darker, but they will also make the roots and their hair follicles darker as well.

This is a very effective treatment, but unfortunately, it has still been ineffective in some early trials. Also, aside from mixed results of melanin treatments, the treatments themselves can be very costly. For those with a little more willingness to spend cash on hair treatments, this is definitely a great solution, but for others, melanin treatments may simply be out of the question.

Thankfully, there are even more options for dealing with grey hair aside from melanin treatments and dyes. There are lot of nutrients that play major roles in maintain hair health and preventing premature greying. One of those nutrients is Folic Acid, commonly found in whole wheat bread.

This is a supplement that you should definitely consider adding to your hair care regimen. Also consider adding Vitamin B6 and antioxidants like Vitamins C and E.

When buying these supplements, ensure that you’re buying them from highly bioavailable sources. Oftentimes supplement manufacturers put out cheap supplements that will not be absorbed, so verify the rates of absorption before committing to a product.

Final thoughts

Regardless of the solutions you choose, be sure to keep an open mind and let us know which options worked for you. If you’d like to share your story regarding grey hair, let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to share this article on social media if you think that friends and family will be interested in.




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