Natural Hair Care Tips

Winter-proof your hair with remedies straight from your kitchen cupboard

WHO needs expensive treatment to protect their locks in the cold? Our experts explain to Fiona Duffy why keeping it simple works a treat.

AFTER your hair has suffered an onslaught of sun, sea and sand and an Indian summer, you might think the coming cold weather would give it a chance to recover.

But, according to experts, the worst is yet to come.

“Winter is the worst time of year for hair dehydration,” warns celebrity hairdresser Ken Picton.

“Central heating causes moisture loss, damp weather causes frizz, while going from hot to cold environments plays havoc with the hair’s natural PH state – opening up cuticles and leaving the cortex, or central part of the hair shaft, exposed to damage.”

But that doesn’t mean you’re condemned to scarecrow locks until next spring. There are simple, effective, homely remedies you can carry out to get your hair glossy, shiny and radiating with health this winter. And they cost pennies.

Article sourced via: Dailyrecord

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