Natural Hair Care Tips

Best Hair Tips You’ll Ever Read

Squeeze-dry your hair
Prevent frizz by using a paper towel to gently wring water from your strands post-shower, suggests Adir Abergel, Fekkai celebrity stylist. “The paper won’t create as much friction as a towel, so your hair ends up less frizzy. It also absorbs more water than a cloth towel, really speeding up your drying time,” he explains.

Goldie Hawn. Photo taken at 61st Academy Award...

Goldie Hawn. Photo taken at 61st Academy Awards 3/29/89 – Governor’s Ball – Permission granted to copy, publish or post but please credit “photo by Alan Light” if you can. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shield your locks from harsh shower water
he water you wash your hair with may contain chlorine, minerals, even rust from old pipes,” says White. “All these things can enter the cuticle of your hair and alter your hair color.” To minimize discoloration

Wash before you color
It’s a myth that unwashed hair takes dye better than squeaky-clean strands, says Jennifer J, an L.A.-based colorist who has tinted Julia Roberts’s tresses. In fact, your colorist needs to see your actual color in order to determine the most flattering hue for you (and product buildup can make your mane look darker). So before your next appointment, suds up.

Never tell your stylist you want “bangs”
This seemingly straightforward word can be interpreted lots of different ways, says Kevin Mancuso, a celebrity stylist and the creative director of Nexxus. Say “bangs” and some stylists imagine Goldie Hawn’s eyelash skimmers.

Use a toothbrush to fake fuller hair
Never smooth the roots of fine or thin hair while blow-drying, says Mancuso. “This causes the hair as a whole to collapse and flatten,” he explains. Instead, tousle the hair from root to crown with your fingertips as you blow-dry. Then, when your strands are dry, give the roots extra lift by back-combing their undersides with a clean, dry toothbrush. Rather than tearing at hair like a comb, the soft bristles will grip and rough up strands just enough to maintain lift.

Steam-curl your spirals
To create soft, old-Hollywood waves, most professional stylists use a large-barreled curling iron.

Prevent roof poof
The sexiest tousled looks today (think Gisele Bündchen or Sarah Jessica Parker) are straighter at the roots, with waves that don’t begin until the temples. To achieve this, Abergel suggests you channel Roger Federer: Don a terry cloth headband over damp strands; then, as the hair air-dries, the band will pull it straighter root to ear.

Treat your hair with moist air

We usually think of humidity as hair’s archenemy, but parching-dryness is worse. If you regularly experience dry air—from either working in a building that pumps it in (cool or hot) or living in that kind of climate—your hair will become parched, says Christopher Cilione, a colorist at the Oscar Blandi Salon. Moisturizing hair products help, he says, but not as much as regularly running a humidifier.


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