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Mane Attraction Salon hopes you fall in love with their new hair colors that are perfect for the fall. According to owner of Mane Attraction you no longer have to be committed to one shade. Mane Attraction uses many tones to create a color fusion that is great for the fall and winter season. According to the professionals at Mane Attraction, adding tones into the hair gives people more dimensions, and plays up natural features.

Owner of Mane Attraction, Kendall Ong said the key to finding the perfect color is using tones that will enhance your natural features. These features include eye color and skin tones. Using the underlying tone of your natural hair color will make the eyes really pop.

Mane Attraction recommends a buttery honey tone for blondes as opposed to champagne colors. Brunettes can have fun too with violets and reds that will make their color more…

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