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7 Hair Fall Solution and Information (part 1)

Hair fall is no longer a condition barred by age! 15 or 50, when most of us walk out of the shower, the drain is clogging and when we brush, we loss a huge chunks and we don’t know what to do about it. Hair fall was in the earlier days attributed as a sign of aging and was a cause for a great deal of embarrasment. But today, we no longer count by age but rather count by so very many other reasons. No matter what the cause, the embarrassment associated does not reduce even by a fraction. 7 Simple Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall, WHAT IS THE SOLUTION FOR HAIRFALL, The 5 Tips for Natural Prevention of Hair Loss, 5 Natural tips to prevent hair loss, How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally, Change lifestlye, Topical treatment, Herbs and Supplements, Lao Fo Ye, Singapore Hair Care Centre, Asian Beauties, Southeast Asia, Top natural haircare tips, Homemade hair care tips, how to, where is, what is, top tips, wordpress, facebook, twitter

We hunt for a solution with great intensity. And here are they, a few simple techniques you can implement at home to reduce and control hair loss. But if you suffer from intensive hair fall, the best solution would be to consult a dermatologist before the damage becomes permanent!

Before we step into the solutions, lets take a peek at what might be causing your hair fall.


  1. lack of proper nutrition
  2. aging
  3. hormonal changes
  4. stress
  5. split ends
  6. heredity
  7. prolonged illness
  8. medication like steroids

and quite a few more.

They all sound so very general don’t they? And that is the very problem. They are so general and common place that most us cannot avoid the hair fall issue at all. We have to face them at some point of time or the other.

To curb hair fall, you need to include a few basic practices into our routine along with the treatments that you adopt for better results. Here are these little things that will help.

  • Be gentle with wet hair. Avoid rubbing your hair dry and also avoid combing through wet hair. Your hair is more susceptible to breakage when wet and the result will a a clump in your brush and stray strands at your feet.
  • Massage your scalp region as frequently as you can. This stimulates flow of the blow of your head which in turn promotes the growth of hair and better health.
  • Don’t always opt for styles that require you to tie your hair up tight. As sleek and fashionable as this may look, it puts a great deal of pressure on the hair which adds to the breakage and hair fall.
  • Hair styling is essential when you step out. You need to look good at all times in today’s world. But it is necessary that you submit your hair to as less of heat treatment as you can! The heat tends to dry the shaft out making it dry and frizzy which over a period of causes the hair to brittle. The ultimate result will be hair fall.
  • Do not wash hair with hot water for the very same reason, always use cold water or water at room temperature. Dry and frizzy hair when you walk out of the shower is the indication that the water was too hot for your hair.
  • All said and done, jut these simple precautions are not going to cut the line. It will always hold true that only when you are healthy inside will your hair be healthy too. Your hair is made up of proteins and is a alive at the roots. And like any other living it also requires nutrients to remain healthy and grow. There are a few things that you can add to your diet to ensure that you intake sufficient quantities of these nutrients. First and foremost will be proteins of course. They are the building the building blocks of the hair shaft after all. The next in the list will be vitamins. The vitamins that are essential for the hair are Vitamin A, B complex, C, and E. Each of these perform a significant role. Vitamin B complex is most popularly known for its importance in the hair growth and hair fall control. Vitamin C prevents premature graying. Last but not the least, Iron. Deficiency of iron can be a source of severe hair fall. Which why women suffering from anemia exhibit a great amount of hair fall.
  • Work out. Yeah you read that right work out, Exercise increases the blood flow through the body and that helps in stimulation of the scalp.
  • If you already have dry hair, then rethink your coffee habit and evaluate your caffeine consumption. caffeine further depletes the body of its natural resources of nutrients. And the nutrients required for hair are not spared either! So cut back on the coffee and move on something more healthy and that which promotes good health.
  • Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.
  • Keep the scalp clean and as far as possible away from chemicals. Use a shampoo that is mild.
  • Trim your hair regularly to avoid the troubles of split ends.

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