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Hair Tip Tuesday: Drink Water!

Drink water is good for our body and also to our hair. I love this!


Water. I’ve covered this topic a bit like here and most recently here. But since “repetition is the mother of retention”… here we go again. This time, we’ll dig a little deeper.

Hair Tip Tues 10-29-13

How Does Water Intake Affect My Hair?

The body is composed of about 60% to 70% water. Some of that water is lost throughout the day from things like urination, sweating and even just breathing. Therefore, we need to replace that lost fluid daily in order to stay hydrated and be healthy. If we don’t, we become dehydrated which will have an adverse affect on our hair {and yes, our bodies as well}. Our hair follicles receive their nutrients from our blood which is about 85% water. No water → no nutrients → no healthy hair.

But, How Much is “Enough” Water?

While many of us may have heard that we should drink at least 64 oz. of water per…

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