Natural Hair Care Tips

New Baldness Cure Joins History of Hair-Loss Fixes

Really, this is quiet a a great tips from being bald

Natural Hair Treatment

Hair grew!

The hair was white. And the hair gurus don’t know if new hairs would grow if these were removed. Human trials are three to five years away. So that gives us a lot of time to ponder other milestones in the age-old battle against baldness.

Biblical times: In the Book of Kings, mean kids call Prophet Elisha “baldhead.” The humiliated Hebrew is said to have slapped bear grease on his pate as a remedy. For centuries, other bald men do the same. Their rationale: Bears are very hairy.

50 B.C.: Julius Caesar’s laurel wreath? It’s his version of a toupee.

1940s: Rest easy, male-pattern bald man. You did not cause your condition by emitting heat from thinking too hard or, as Samuel Johnson proposed in 1778, by having a “dry” brain. Nor is it the fault of dandruff or air pollution, as some thought. Research points to heredity…

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