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How to make the most of overnight hair treatments

Is your hair particularly unruly and frizzy in the morning? If you tend to struggle with a bad hair day more often than not, you might be a good candidate for an overnight hair treatment. Deep conditioning treatments that are left in your hair overnight work by moisturizing your scalp and nourishing your strands with lost moisture. You’ll wake up with healthier hair and will find that it’s much easier to style your perfect ‘do. Here are some useful tips when using overnight hair treatments:How to make the most of overnight hair treatments

  1. Use a Detoxifying Shampoo Before Conditioning –  You’ll want to wash your hair with a detoxifying shampoo before you use an overnight hair treatment or deep conditioning treatment, because any residue on your scalp or strands can interfere with the conditioning process. Use a detoxifying shampoo that works to break down any hair products that are still on your scalp, and skip your usual conditioner. This will ensure that your overnight hair treatment will penetrate deep into the scalp and can nourish the strands completely.
  2. Wrap Hair in a Warm Towel – Once you’ve put the overnight hair treatment on your hair, don’t just wrap it in a shower cap and go to bed. Use a warm towel and wrap hair up tightly into a turban instead. I like to wrap my hair in a slightly damp hair towel that’s been heated up in the microwave for about a minute. Once my hair is wrapped up, I blow dry it (with the towel on) so the pillow doesn’t get wet or damp. Unless you tend to toss and turn a lot while sleeping, your hair will stay in the towel while the overnight hair treatment does its work.
  3. Try a Heat-Activated Product –  If you’re used to conditioning hair with a hot oil treatment, you might enjoy using a heat-activated overnight hair treatment. These treatments work better when the hair is exposed to heat from a hairdryer or even an infrared lamp, but will usually heat up on their own when mixed with water. When using products like this, you’ll need to make sure that the hair treatment is massaged completely through your hair and as evenly as possible, and also wrap your hair tightly in a hair towel or tight turban to prevent smearing on the pillow. Keep in mind that these treatments can also give you great results when they’re left in the hair for only an hour or so at a time.

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