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5 basic of hair Loss

5 tips of having a hair loss – this is quiet a conventional thoughts and please lets be informative about these in order to prevent less the hair loss we have ladies and gentlemen out there

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Why Are You Losing Your Hair?
It can start with a few more strands in your comb or brush, but it can develop into thinning around the hairline or a balding patch, until, for many, hair loss is noticeable—making you appear and feel older than you are. Luckily, many cases of hair loss are treatable, even reversible. Start by finding what could be the real cause of your disappearing strands.

  1. Hair Loss Due to Compulsive Pulling – Tugging absent-mindedly on locks of hair is a common habit, but when those tugs turn to pulling and hair loss results, it becomes a condition known as trichotillomania, a type of impulse-control disorder. While some people are aware they pull their hair and liken it to scratching an itch, others can be completely unaware that they are damaging their hair until the loss is noticeable.
  2. Hair Loss and Women – It doesn’t just…

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