Natural Hair Care Tips

7 Recommendations in Reviving Dry Hair

1. My first tip for improving dull hair is to check that your diet is up to scratch. If you are not eating well, then you will be suffering from nutritional deficiencies that won´t feed your hair as it needs.

2. Overuse of heated products can lead to very dull hair. It´s not meant to cope with frequent applications of heat, so cut down on the use of straighteners or styling tongs

3.Dull hair can be caused by a really simple factor – failing to rinse out the shampoo or conditioner properly. So every time you wash your hair, be careful to rinse thoroughly and remove all the shampoo.

4.One of the most important tips for dull hair is to get it cut regularly. Split ends are definitely going to make your hair look dull! Getting regular trims will also stop it looking out of shape – since hairs grow at a different rate, even a straight cut will start to look messy if trims are neglected.

5.This strips out the natural oils that help keep our hair healthy. Some people even claim that if you stop washing your hair altogether, it will eventually end up shiny and healthy, as the natural oils that we remove when we wash it will keep it clean.

6.One reason that improving dull hair may be necessary is if you´ve coloured your hair too much. Colouring may be fun, but it can really leave your hair in poor condition. So if excessive colouring has left you with horrid hair, go to a salon, have a restorative treatment, and have a gentle vegetable colour instead of harsh chemicals.

7.When your hair has become really dull, a deep conditioning treatment can be just what it needs (but do remember to rinse thoroughly!).


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