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Are you tired of watching your comb get full of your hair? Does it break heart to see your dry, fuzzy hair having split ends? Care for damaged hair can turn out to be very expensive and a single visit to a doctor can cost too much. Accept it- no one likes going to a doctor. Then how to take care of damaged hair? One might ask. The answer is quite simple; you don’t need to be an expert to take care of your damaged hair. Knowing the right tips can help decrease hair damage.Kriya Hot In Saree

First thing first; what causes hair damage? Without knowing the basic cause, you can’t solve any problem. Hair damage occurs due to:

  1.     Too much exposure to environmental pollutants like smoke from vehicles, dust etc.
  2.     Too much exposure to sunlight.
  3.     Poor hygiene of scalp and hair.
  4.     Inadequate nutrition.
  5.     Use of hair care products having harmful chemicals.
  6.     Excessive use of hair colors, hair straightness or excessive styling.

Hair care tips for damaged hair

The second question that would definitely pop into your mind is “How to take care of damaged hair?” The answer lies in knowing simple tips for your damaged hair. Following are some important tips that can help your damaged hair:
Choose a good shampoo

The first thing that you can do for your damaged hair is to change your shampoo. Ordinary shampoos are enough to repair extensive hair damage. You should rather choose a shampoo which contains extra hair growth proteins and humectants. So, the key is to read the labels before you buy any products for your damaged hair.
Eat healthy
hair care tips for damaged hair

Damaged hair can be repaired. The only need is proper guideline which could help to recover the damage in a cost effective yet quick manner

One of the basic reasons causing hair damage is protein deficiency. Proteins and amino acids are critical for normal growth of hair. So, get a protein boost in your diet. Another important thing is folic acid. It’s a vitamin which causes hair growth and maintains health of the scalp. So, add extra folic acid in your diet or you can also eat some folic acid supplements.
Shampoo your hair once a week asian-actress-8

Excessive shampooing is one of the most important culprits of damaged hair. Too much shampooing makes your hair lose their essential oils. It further damages the hair. So, the key is to wash your hair once a week. Use a conditioner in place of shampoo. Apply the conditioner generously, leave it for some time and then wash it with water.
Get hair cuts

Get haircuts more frequently. After you cut your damaged, dry, fuzzy hair and split ends, usually these hairs are replaced by healthier and less brittle hair. Get ½ inch haircut every 8 weeks or so.
Avoid hair dryer and hot irons

Try to avoid hair dryers and hot irons as much as possible. These products leave your hair permanently damaged and fuzzy. You should try rollers in place of hair strengtheners and hot irons.
Use olive oil and vinegar

It’s one of the most effective tips to help your damaged hair. Apply olive oil over your hair and scalp, cover your hair with towel and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your hair with vinegar oil. This tip has got dual actions. First, the olive oil will help give your hair a luster and vinegar will help fight dandruff.
Hot oil massage

Hot oil massage can be very effective in improving the growth of your hair. You can use Luke warm mustard or olive oil. Gentle massage can provide your scalp with essential nutrients and can help improve the blood supply to the scalp, resulting in better hair growth.
Apply egg

It sounds gross but egg proteins help regain the natural strength and shine of hair. Separate egg white from yolk and add water and honey in it. You can also add yogurt in place of water. Apply this paste on your scalp and leave it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.
Apply mayonnaise

One might get skeptic about the effectiveness of this method and ask; “how can mayonnaise help take care of damaged hair?” But, trust me- this method really works. Apply mayonnaise generously and leave them for 10-15 before rinsing.
Hair care routine for damaged hair

A natural question that comes to mind; “What routine measures should I take to care of my damaged hair?” Following are some routine hair care tips for damaged hair:

Understanding your hair and scalp type is the first step towards recovering from hair damage because this way you can know the basic cause of hair damage and can choose a way to decrease hair damage accordingly. For example if your hair is dry then you need to increase the use of oils. If hair styling is the cause then you’ve to give up the use of hot irons.

  •     Eat a balanced diet containing food derived from vegetables, milk or milk sources and meat.
  •     Choose hair conditioners and shampoos which best suit your hair type. Try to choose those products which have least amount of harmful chemicals in them.
  •     Don’t just dry your hair after washing. Apply some conditioners. It helps the hair retain their natural oils.
  •     Tie up your hair before you go to sleep.
  •     Try to cover your hair when you go outside. This is a critical in damaged hair care.
  •     Give yourself regular scalp massages.
  •     Using statin pillows can help reduce hair damage.
  •     Wash your hair regularly but don’t shampoo them regularly. Regular shampooing worsens the hair damage. Shampoo your hair after 5-7 days or so.
  •     Use hot blows to dry your hair. In this case, you can also use some heat protection products.

So, knowing the appropriate tips for the care of damaged hair can help a lot in recovering the natural health of scalp hair. These tips are cost effective and produce maximum results in a natural manner.

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