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Hair Care Special: 10 Hair Care Tips from Experience

Since I have been doing hair for over 10 years I have acquired several tips for better hair care. There are many things people do not know about proper hair care and I am here today to present them to you. With these tips you will have beautiful healthy hair. By: Jasmine Watts
10. Sunblock your hair too!  hair color, asian hair color, Singapore, Lao Fo Ye, laofoye, Haircare, Natural haircare, homemade, top tips, where is, what is, youtube, facebook, twitter, sexy, asian, current, latest, update, news, indian women, india, yahoonews, yahoo, google, pinterest

What many people do not realize is that your hair is very capable of becoming sunburned as well. This can lead to dry and brittle hair. To remedy this, try a spray sunblock and get your hair along with the rest of your body.

9. Shampoo your roots, condition your ends

For those with dry hair it is best to shampoo their roots and let the shampoo hit the rest of the hair when rinsing. It is also good to condition only the ends to prevent oiling the scalp again.

8. Dandruff is a fungus

Yes this is correct; dandruff is a fungus that feeds on oil. This is why it is best to keep your scalp clean. Also when treating dandruff, be sure to wash all of your hair utensils such as combs and brushed to prevent getting it again.

7. Wooden combs are the best

Wooden combs prevent breaking of the hair follicles and keep oil from one’s scalp. I suggest a sandalwood comb because they also smell great.

6. Stay away from heat when you can

Heat is not good for your hair. So when you can, try not to use it. Try to limit blow-drying and flat ironing your hair down to once or twice a week as opposed to everyday.

5. Keep a regular hair routine

Your hair has the power to adapt. While it may take longer for some people hair to do, keeping a regular hair care routine means eventually having hair that is cooperative.

4. Pick the best haircuts for your face shape

When choosing your next haircut, be sure to look at the faces of those with it. There is nothing worse than a haircut that is not flattering to your face shape.

3. Get the right products for your hair type

There are no two hair types that are the same. Because of this it is important to get products that are accustomed to your hair type. If it is curly and dry be sure to use products that solve these issues as opposed to the most popular shampoo.

2. When your workout regularly, wash your hair more often

Regardless of if you have oily hair or hair that is drier, if you work out on a regular basis, you should wash your hair more often. Since you are sweating more, you are also producing more oil which means it is time for another wash.

1. Get your ends clipped regularly

This is a vital step in hair care. This is because when your ends are damaged it breaks off more and can even damage the rest of the hair follicle which means when you do finally get your ends clipped you will have to cut more off. The best way to prevent this is to clip your ends on a regular basis. I suggest either once or twice a month depending on how quickly your hair grows.

Remember these tips and you will be well on your way to a healthy beautiful head of hair.

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