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Hair Care Special: 8 Hair Care Routines You Shouldn’t Miss

Hair being “the richest ornament” needs to be taken care of. Building a personalized haircare routine is simple. Hair-care involves 2 things: scalp care and hair care.

Step 1:  Understand your scalp and hair. Is your scalp oily? dry? Do you have a dandruff problem? Is your hair colored? This is the most important step as all the products you choose and the things you do will be in accordance to this.
Step 2:  Eat Right. This is the most important and most overlooked step in having healthy hair. To have healthy, strong, shiny hair you need to set the foundation with a balanced diet.

Step 3: Repeat the following steps as and when required.

  1. Choose your shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products depending on your hair type.
  2. Wash your hair regularly. Some people are better off washing their hair daily while others can go upto 3 days without washing their hair. The best indicator is to wash your hair the day before it starts looking/feeling oily. If you have very oily hair- use a dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash it.
  3. Condition your hair after you shampoo. This keeps your hair healthy, moisturized, stronger and easier to manage.
  4. Dry your hair. The best way to do this is to blot dry your hair. Be careful not to rub your hair vigorously with a towel, it will cause the hair to break. Using an old T-shirt is really effective for removing the excess water from your hair.
  5. If you must blow dry- protect your hair using heat protection products. [Look for the words “thermal protection” on the labels]
  6. Tie up long hair before going to sleep. It prevents your hair from getting tangled and becoming unmanageable by the morning.
  7. Satin Pillow cases- keeps your hair damage and tangle free while preventing frizziness.
  8. Comb your hair and make sure its tangle free. Too much of coming of brushing can lead to hair damage. Also, be gentle with your hair and coax the tangles out instead of pulling at them.

Other Tips:

1. Use warm instead of hot on styling tools- prevents heat damage to hair.

2. Treat dandruff immediately and effectively. Visit your dermatologist if off the counter anti-dandruff shampoos do not take care of the problem.

3. Choose a haircut that flatters your face shape.

4. Trim your hair regularly- once in 6 weeks is recommended.

5. Deep condition your hair when you feel like it needs to be rejuvenated.

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