Natural Hair Care Tips

Best Natural Hair Care Recipe

Don’t compost that browning avocado. Whip up a batch of my avocado hair paste instead! Wonder what to do with all the peppermint and lavender in your garden? Make my herbal tea shampoo.

My eight simple hair care recipes (including dog shampoo) will help you avoid toxic chemicals found in many cosmetics—from SLS and SLES to parabens and fragrance—and help reduce food waste, all at the same time! hair spray

These DIY hair care recipes are tested by moi (I took a bullet for you when I experimented with a honey and olive oil recipe). You’ll find all the ingredients in your kitchen, a local health food store or organic grocer, or in your garden.

(Note: Always label your homemade concoctions. My husband mistook my bowl of avocado hair mask for guacamole at least once. Good thing it’s made with food-grade ingredients.)
Benefits of natural ingredients in homemade cosmetics

Avocado: packed with protein and natural oils rich in Vitamins A and B

Aloe juice or gel: excellent moisturizer that enhances and accelerates skin cell growth

Lemon juice: natural astringent that opens pores and restores the pH balance of oily skin

Lavender: antiseptic toner (great for oily skin)

Nettle: stimulates hair growthhair care natural home made recipe

Witch hazel: natural astringent and toner

Want more details? Check out all of my fun facts on homemade ingredients.
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Anti-dandruff hair rinse recipe

Dandruff can be caused by hormonal disturbances, diet, stress or a fungal infection. Consult your doctor if you’ve had a condition for a long time. For immediate relief, try using this rinse daily to control itching and flaking.

• 2 cups water
• 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
• 5 drops tea tree essential oil
• 5 drops rosemary essential oil

Mix and store in a squirt bottle. Shake well, massage in after shampooing and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly. (Always do a test patch as essential oils are potent.)

What are your favourite natural hair remedies and recipes?


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