Natural Hair Care Tips

Tender Loving Hair Care Tips

  • To minimize breakage, make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet before applying shampoo. Use no more than a quarter-size dollop, and rub the shampoo between your palms first. Lather for no more than 30 seconds.
  • After shampooing, rinse your hair with cool water to seal moisture in the hair shafts. laofoye, singapore, top tips, destination, what is, how to, natural hair care, lao fo ye
  • To distribute the natural oils in your hair, bend over and brush your scalp and hair from back to front until the scalp tingles; then massage the scalp with your fingertips.
  • Towel-dry your hair thoroughly before using a blow dryer. You’ll save time and avoid damaging your hair with too much heat.
  • To cut down on static electricity, dampen your hairbrush before brushing.
  • Avoid using a brush on wet hair because it is subject to breakage. Comb out snarls.
  • If you suffer from a flaky scalp, try the following treatment every 2 weeks: Section your hair and rub the scalp with a cotton pad saturated with plain rubbing alcohol. Let the alcohol dry, then brush your hair and rinse thoroughly with warm water but don’t shampoo.
  • To perk up permed hair between shampoos, lightly mist your hair with fresh water and push the curls into place with your fingers.
  • Dull, lifeless hair can be a sign of a poor diet. Try cutting down on cholesterol and fats.
  • Wait at least 48 hours after coloring hair to shampoo it. Every time you wet hair you open the cuticle — so give hair time to seal in the color.
  • Beer can remove residue from your hair. Add 6 tablespoons beer to 1 cup warm water and pour it over your hair as a final rinse.
  • If your hair is prone to buildup from conditioners, styling gel, or hair spray, mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with your regular shampoo once a week. Rinse and dry as usual.
  • Use pomade sparingly to remove static, control flyaway ends, and add a glossy sheen to either straight or curly hair. Apply a very small amount to one hand, and liquefy it between your palms. Then run your hands through the hair. If braiding, apply before braiding and use it for small touch-ups.
  • Use gel after a braid is finished to smooth down loose or uncontrolled hairs. Apply it to your fingertip or to the end of a hairpin, directing it on top of the stray hairs to encourage them back into the braided pattern.
  • Use hair spray to hold the finished design in place. If you want a soft finish but need to control the hair, spray into the palm of your hand and then smooth over the surface of the hair to control flyaway strands.
  • Use a coated rubber band or a soft hair tie to secure ponytails and the ends of a braid to reduce the stress on the hair.
  • Use gel to control hair when you want a “wet” affect. Apply gel sparingly to your hair once styled. To use for braiding, apply it to all of the hair before you braid, or when you want a clean, off-the-face effect, you can apply it to the perimeter hairline where lengths tend to be shorter.

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