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Hair Care Tip: Quick Fix


Whether your hair’s straight, fine, thick, short or long… we all share the same concern: how to achieve silky smooth hair.

Plan of attack

  •  Get rid of split ends by cutting them off! Once a month, take a small section of hair at a time and snip off the natural hair care, quick fix, hair solution, lao fo ye, laofoye, Singapore, top tips, how to, where is, what is, current, latest, update, destination, best placebroken tips. Don’t forget about those little wisps of hair that grow: they’re also exposed and can split
  •  As a preventive measure, only use hydrating products (there’s no point waiting until you have straw-like hair to use them).
  • From time to time, give your hair a boost with an oil mask. Spread it over the lengths, on damp hair. Leave on overnight under a towel then rinse in the morning. Hair is left super silky! (use argan or avocado oil, maple sap, royal jelly, etc.)
  • Protect hair as much as possible, even when shampooing: your shampoo should wash your hair without aggravating it. How? Add a small amount of shampoo to water and lather it up. Apply the mixture directly onto dry hair. This gently washes the scalp without being harsh on the lengths.

Expert tip
Hydrating is all well and good but to have silky, healthy hair, you should focus on the scalp. “It all starts there! Depending on whether it’s dry, greasy or dehydrated, the products you’ll need will be different.” Ask your hairdresser to diagnose your personal hair and scalp type and recommend products that are suited to you.

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3 comments on “Hair Care Tip: Quick Fix

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  3. hair fixing dubai
    December 27, 2013

    This is an excellent guide on hair fixing. Good work!

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