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For Beauty Sake, Would You Dare?

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I once read in a book (a romance of all things!) where the Italian heroine was admired for her black, straight, shiny and manageable hair.

Her secret was, after shampooing and conditioning, she would put oil in her hair and leave it there. There was no mention of what type of oil it was that made her hair so silky and smooth. And, as young and naïve as I was, I assumed it was whatever oil was available in the household. And the only available oil in our household was cooking oil. But not just cooking oil, mind you, but pure olive oil. So I put two tablespoons of olive oil in my hair straight after rinsing off the conditioner, distributing it evenly from my roots to the tips. When the oil started dripping on my shoulders, I simply wiped my shoulders with a towel. When the oil continued to drip down onto my shoulders three hours later and I saw that there were now pimples on my shoulders, my neck and parts of my face where my oily hair had brushed against, I simply pulled my hair up and away from any exposed skin. But when my head, which was now filled with limp, stringy oily strands of hair, started to get itchy and people close to me began asking what it was that smelled like spring rolls, I realised that the ‘beauty tip’ wasn’t quite such a beauty tip after all.

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