Natural Hair Care Tips

Taking Care On Your Hair: The Best Way

There is really no way to repair split ends. You can get rid of them only by getting a hair cut. It is far better to find the right hair product and keep your hair healthy. Otherwise, grab the scissors.

Cut Your Hair and It Will Grow Faster

Sorry, this is also a myth. Normally our hair grows about ¼ inch a month, give or take a bit. You can give that a boost by eating a lot of protein, maybe sprout ½ inch monthly. But, cutting your hair does not cause it to grow faster.

Taking Care On Your Hair The Best Way

Your Hair Will Grow Back Thicker Where You Shave

Shaving has no effect on the texture of hair. Because shaved hair lacks the fine taper found on the ends of unshaven hair, it can appear to be coarser, but it’s not. In addition, new hair has not been exposed to the sun as long so it appears darker than the older hair. This can add to the illusion of being coarse.

Pull Out One Hair and 3 Will Grow Back

Boy, if that were true, a lot of thin hair people would be yanking away. There are three parts to a strand of hair. One is the hair shaft or the fiber, the hair bulb or the root, and the third is the cycle or time of growing and resting. That’s it. Plucking out, for instance, that gray hair is not going to cause 3 more to grow back. Nor will it help grow

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