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Yarn Protective Braids Worth The Try

What a great idea! re-blogging this one.


Wow! So this yarn/wool braid has been on the list for too long. Kept talking about how much I wanted to have them in and never got to but now I finally did.

   Pleased? Hmmm, I have had them in for exactly one week and just writing on it maybe because I have been thinking on what to do, if to take them down or deal with it a little longer to get used to it. The hair is quite full and heavy, it was put in hot water after braiding to help ease up quicker. Yarn absorbs water and this added more weight, I have had it packed in a bun to reduce the weight for the whole
      I get a lot of compliment: “oh wow your hair is so fine and i just wish they know what am going through”.

     Well it’s one…

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