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How to Care for Hair Damaged After Vacation

UV Rays in summer is scarier than biting wind in winter!

UV rays in summer are harmful to skin but they are also fatal to hair and scalp. Strong UV rays destroy cuticle and melanin that are responsible for protecting hair. Therefore, once they are destroyed, the color of hair changes. Moreover, the trouble gets worsen if one enjoyed vacation at ocean or swimming pool. Sodium from ocean and chlorine in swimming pool take moisture away from hair so it gets dried and crispy.
Replenish moisture and nutrition to hair and scalp! 
hair tips for damage after vacation
Just like one needs to eat something when hungry, hair needs to be provided with enough moisture and nutrition after vacation, or otherwise, the condition will stay the same for a long time. Before washing hair, it is recommended to apply treatment oil and massage. Also, when washing hair, using moisturizing pack or treatment is needed and drying with cold air is advisable. Applying hair essence before drying will provide even better effect.

However, most of the products that are sold at stores include silicon ingredient for one-time effect. Silicon ingredient disturbs providing nutrient so if one wants to experience real nutrition, it is recommended to choose a product made out of all-natural ingredients. They will quickly be absorbed to hair and provide enough nutrition.
Do home care for at least 2~3 weeks! 
Just like skin, hair also needs consecutive care to heal. Rather than getting expensive cares at salon, it is much better to do home care in long-term with great products. It may be tiresome but in a long-view, the effect is guaranteed.

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