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How SG Laofoye Hair Dandruff Treats You

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Say Goodbye to embarrassing flakes over your shoulders!
Say Goodbye to itchy scalp!
Say Goodbye to hair loss caused by dandruff!
Say Goodbye to dry hair caused by dandruff!

laofoye SG dandruff treatment

Dandruff is caused by a fungus Malasseziaglobosa. The fungus lives and feed on human scalp causing itching and flaking.

The fungus feeds on sebum, the oily product produced by the sebaceous glands. The fungus has no ability to manufacture its own fatty acids, so relies on human sebum for its source, having oily scalp also lead to hair loss and dandruff.

Sebum acts to protect and waterproof hair and skin, and keep them from becoming dry, brittle and cracked. Dandruff causes excessive flaking of skin from scalp. Itching from dry or greasy scaling varies.

Possible Causes of Dandruff
* Over-shampooing
* Improper drying of hair after wash
* Allergic reactions to hair products

Before Treatment @ LaoFoYe

Very serious scarred dandruff…

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