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Genes Role on Hair Loss

This is really informational. I never thought about the effects on genes with our hair loss before. Nice write up!

LaoFoYe Hair Care Blog talks about genetic hair loss. Just read below what is genetic hair loss?

What is Genetic Hair Loss in Laofoye

Can genetic hairloss be delayed or controlled?

Genetic hair loss is hair loss due to the genetic make-up of people. Everyone has genes within their body, inherited from the X and Y chromosomes of both parents. Studies have indicated that inheritance of hair loss only know risk gene for androgen receptor lies on the X chromosome, thus inherited from the mother’s genes.

Hair loss can be categorized into 2 kinds – Male hair loss and Female hair loss. For male genetic hair loss, research in 2007 has indicated that there is another gene on the X chromosome that lies close to the androgen receptor gene is important in male genetic hair loss. Region Xq11-q12 on X chromosome is noted to be strongly associated with male genetic hair loss. Gene EDA2R is noted to be the gene…

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