Natural Hair Care Tips

Unhealthy Hair Care Practices

This is one of the main reasons why we are not capable of achieving our terminal length. Many of us still treat our hair as if it is invincible instead of fine threads of silk. There is still this misconception that kinky textured hair is tough or coarse (which a word that is widely misused, coarse is the diameter of your hair strand meaning thick) and this misconception that kinky textured hair is “tough” will wreak havoc on our fragile strands. Yes “course vs fine”, porosity and hair texture determine the level on how easy it will be able to retain length but many of the reasons why our hair falls short of our goal lengths is everything we do to our strands while are hair is in its growth phase. Such as too much heat, smothering our strands with too much product or the wrong product which can cause dryness that will lead to breakage, not taking the time and patience to handle your hair, too much manipulation or tension with certain styles and on and on and on! Most times knowledge comes through experience and the condition of your hair will tell you what is wrong as you become knowledgeable you will be able to recognize the signs.woman eating

When it comes to health sometimes this subject can be treated as the last individual to be picked for a game of handball but treating what goes into your body as an afterthought can take a toll obviously on your body but translate through your hair as well. Your health is a big contributor in the condition of how you look and hair is no exception.  What you put into your body is a big contributor and one of the most important in dictating the condition or “health” of your strands. For example the folate, iron, vitamin C and beta carotene, in kale, spinach and broccoli can help your hair follicles maintain health and sebum (natural oils) circulated or that oysters contain a wealth of protein and zinc and an insufficient intake of zinc can lead to hair loss due to your body lacking the capability to replace shedded hair, or blueberries are top dog when it comes to vitamin C. Vitamin C is highly significant in helping miniscule blood vessels nourish hair follicles or salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids, a type of spectacular fatty acid that salmon contains but our  body cannot produce, aiding in growth of hair but if you are not a salmon lover you also can nourish your body with fatty acids though other  certain types of fish (like herring, trout, mackerel) avocado and walnuts.

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