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Tears from Post-Haircut Now Solved

Few moments in life are as dramatic as that moment that your hair falls to the ground, and you look up in the mirror for the first time to see a completely botched haircut. You told yourself you wouldn’t cry and, you pride yourself on being low maintenance and carefree; but you’ve never seen a haircut this bad… ever. Tears fill your eyes as you think about walking around with this crazy Taylor Swift-Skrillex-Bieber mess on your head, and you can no longer hold back as the waterworks start full force. You probably shouldn’t  have gone to the stylist recommended by your crazy neighbor who has a little too much in common with some characters from Breaking Bad. haircut

Rather than getting recommendations from less than reliable sources, turn to the BANGSTYLE Hairstyle App that allows you to find your own salons and stylists so you don’t end up in tears. While your neighbor may swear by his stylist who claims to be self-taught and only accepts cash, it is probably best to do a bit of research prior to handing over your luscious head of hair. Use the BANGSTYLE Hairstyle App to search for salons in your area, and check out their profiles. Check out the pictures to see if you think this salon is a good match for your style.

You can also save yourself from those post-haircut tears by being prepared with a few picture of the cut and style you are looking to get instead of having your haircut fate decided by a stranger with scissors on a whim.  Choose a look beforehand by scrolling through the BANGSTYLE Hairstyle App’s constantly updated Fresh Pix hair photo gallery section, and add the ones that you like to your inspiration collection. Come to an appointment prepared, and show your stylist the pictures in your collection of the style you want so they don’t get the idea that your hair is a blank canvas for them to experiment with.

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