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Difference between Asian Hair

Although there may be minor differences between, for example, Indian and Japanese hair, Asians can be considered as one group for hair care purposes.

asian hair


An individual strand of Asian hair has an almost perfect round shape with a straight or slightly wavy hair shaft. It is usually dark brown or black, has the thickest diameter of any of the ethnic groups, and moreover, is one the strongest types of hair.

The Asian growth cycle is the longest of any group, as much as nine years, almost twice the lifespan of other hair groups. This means that the daily shedding rate is less than that of other races, and may also account, in part, for the comparative infrequency of male pattern baldness amongst Asian men.

Asian women have a distinct tendency towards a general all over type of thinning, particularly over the age of 45. Asian women tend to have a more pronounced thinning, which is more noticeable as dark hair draws attention to the white scalp.

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