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Deeper Understanding: Asian Hair

Asian hair is quite exceptional mainly because the hair strands are round in cross section. It generally has a larger diameter than Caucasian or even Afro-Caribbean hair and grows longer too. Asian hair tends to absorb and retain moisture much faster than any other type of hair. asian on hair

The good side about Asian hair is that it is much stronger, resilient and less prone to problems. While most hair types generally have nearly five layers of cuticles, Asian hair has around ten. The thickness of each hair shaft gives Asian hair greater density. Comparatively, Asian hair also has the fastest growth rate. An average Asian sheds less hair per day than many other hair types. However, Asian women are likely to experience more hair thinning compared to Afro-Caribbean’s and Caucasians.

So it is important to understand what type of hair Asians are blessed with and treat it accordingly. Like any other type of hair, Asian hair too needs nutrition. It is vital to maintain a healthy diet and ensure a good intake of protein to make hair look healthy and lustrous. Your healthy diet will have to include sufficient fruits, carbohydrates, vegetables, and water.

Regular shampooing and conditioning ideally in the morning will make your hair look good all day long. It will also nourish your hair and help retain its moisture more effectively. Since Asian hair needs to be protected from the harsh sunlight, a good conditioner will protect the hair while keeping it soft and shiny. Because Asians have hair that’s thicker, they are advised to use hair care products with more moisturizing features. Meanwhile, Asians with frizzy hair are advised to go for products with the most amount of moisturizing features.

Scientists claim that Asians have a more solid hair structure and that it is the main reason why Asians are blessed with long and shiny tresses. Therefore, Asians altogether require different hair care products that suits their high density type of hair.

A majority of urban Asians tend to have dry hair which may require more cleansing and conditioning. Dull hair which is a result of dryness may require deep conditioning treatments to prevent the broken strands and the uneven alignments.

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