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Facts About Asian Hair

In terms of versatility, some would think that people from East Asia got the short end of the stick when it comes to hair, but their naturally sleek straight and dark style proves a force to be reckoned with. Just look at the creativity of the Harajuku styles. There are scientific differences between hair ethnicities and East Asian hair is stronger, more resilient to damage and less prone to hair loss than other hair types. asian hair

East Asian hair facts:

* East Asian hair has twice the diameter and a much thicker cuticle than Caucasian hair. Most hair types have around five  layers of cuticles while East Asian hair has closer to ten.

* East Asian’s have anywhere between 80,000 and 140,000 scalp hairs but, typically, they have fewer hairs per square centimetre than Caucasians. (They also tend to have less body and facial hair.) However, because the individual hair shafts are thicker, it gives the impression of greater hair density.

* East Asian hair grows faster than Afro-Caribbean or Caucasian hair at a record rate of 1.3 cm a month, and it also has the longest cycle of growth, lasting up to nine years compared to the average two to seven years.

On average, East Asians also shed fewer hairs a day and tend to experience less balding. Some sources say that for every balding East Asian man there are three balding Caucasians. Greying of hair also starts later but it is not known why.

* East Asian women, however, have an increased likelihood of experiencing more overall hair thinning than Caucasians or Afro-Caribbean’s.

East Asian hair usually has higher porosity levels, absorbing and retaining moisture more quickly. The hair contains a medulla filled with plenty of dark pigment, which is thought to contribute to its shine and high moisture content. However, because East Asian hair is thicker and sometimes longer, it also tends to lose more moisture, which can lead to dryness and split ends.

Asian countries are the prime source of human hair used for wigs and hair extensions because the hair is long, straight, strong, and rarely tampered with chemicals.

* The shape of the follicle largely determines how hair grows. Because East Asian hair follicles are almost always completely round, they typically have very straight hair. On the other hand, Afro-Caribbean hair follicles are oval and the hair grows in a spiral-like fashion.

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