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7 Quick Fix for Hair Color Malfunctions

Did your attempt to try the latest celebrity hair color trend end in tears and a shade that was more Bozo the Clown than Rihanna? Or did that just happen to us? hair color
Unfortunately, box dye botch-ups this extreme can usually only be remedied by a costly trip to the salon. But, you can actually fix many smaller color disasters without a stylist’s help. Which is great news for all of us trying to save a few bucks by fixing our hair at home.

Problem: Gray roots

Fast Fix: Eyeshadow

If you color your hair to camouflage gray roots, but you don’t have time to touch up before your next board meeting, Robinson says to “try dusting a matching shade of eyeshadow on your part to hide grays.” Here’s how to apply it: “Take a makeup brush, dampen the bristles and dip into powder.

Problem: Dull color from product buildup

Fast Fix: Apple cider vinegar

Overusing the same products can cause buildup that coats your hair, giving it a dull appearance. To help your color shine through, de-gunk your hair with a clarifying shampoo like Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo, $5.99. Or if you want to save the cash, Robinson recommends using “a natural hair rinse once in a while — such as apple cider vinegar — which can remove buildup.”


Problem: Obvious, different colored roots

Fast Fix: Braid your hair

Don’t you just love it when you can look chic and trendy while also covering up a major color flaw? Braiding mixes the two-toned hair, which helps make the roots less noticeable. Side-braid the front of your hair, including any bangs you may have, and tuck it behind one ear. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Create a deep side part, and section off the front part of your hair that you’d like to braid.
Step 2: Spritz a thickening root spray or a texturizing spray (try Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray, $20) to the front section.
Step 3: Tease the front section with a fine-toothed teasing comb to give it volume.
Step 4: Start French-braiding the teased hair along your hairline, including any bangs if you have them.
Step 5: Secure the end of the braid behind your ear with a couple bobby pins.


Problem: Dull-looking hair

Fast Fix: Cold water

Robinson says, “Exposure to the elements can result in hair looking dull.” For example, the sun breaks down color molecules in hair follicles, and dry, cold weather can make hair brittle. But, she says, “This can easily be reversed with simple tweaks to the everyday routine that cost next to nothing. [In the shower], I recommend doing a final rinse with cool to cold water — this enhances shine potential [by closing the hair follicle and making it lie flat].” Next, “make sure you have the right brush. A boar-bristle brush is best, as it evenly distributes natural oils in your hair. [And] when drying hair, gently pat it down with a towel, don’t rub or pull your strands.”


Problem: Dry hair from frequent coloring

Fast Fix: Semi-permanent dye

If you color every couple of months, you may be left with dry, coarse hair. Robinson says there are three great options to keep your hair looking healthy. “First, opt for a semi-permanent hair color, if you have less than 50 percent gray or are looking for a less dramatic change,” she says. “Or do a root application when re-coloring your hair rather than coloring all over. That way, your grays and obvious roots are covered up without applying product over every strand.”She also recommends applying a deep conditioning product to your hair each week to restore moisture.


Problem: Fading color

Fast Fix: Color-depositing products

We know you’re as wary of marketing ploys as we are, but Robinson says color-protecting products actually do prevent your shade from fading. “Color-protecting shampoos and conditioners

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