Natural Hair Care Tips

How to Take Good Care of Your Hair

A double cowlick with two counter-rotating spi...

A double cowlick with two counter-rotating spirals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Step 1 Avoid extreme hot or cold weather. Both ends of the spectrum cause dry air and sometimes wind that dehydrates hair. Wear a hat or other head covering when exposing hair to these climates.

Step 2 Blow drying, straightening, curling and other heat intensive hair treatments should be avoided. These methods can severely damage the hair follicles, leaving hair brittle. Pat hair gently with a towel and allow it to air dry.

Step 3 Use shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain harsh chemicals. A rule of thumb is if the ingredients can’t be read, the product shouldn’t be used. These shampoos can dry out hair and leave it damaged.

Step 4 Don’t wash hair everyday. A popular misconception is that washing everyday is healthy for hair. Actually, this strips natural oils from hair that the body uses to keep hair shiny and hydrated. Washing hair three to four times a week is recommended.

Step 5 Massage the scalp while in the shower. Avoid harsh scratching or applying to much pressure while washing. The scalp is very fragile, and forceful washing can damage the scalp and the sebaceous glands that produce oil. Massages will stimulate hair growth and help activate sebaceous glands, resulting in shiny, healthy hair.

Step 6 Rinse hair with vinegar. Vinegar helps repair damaged hair, breaks up dandruff and other build-up on the scalp, and stimulates the production of natural oils. Apple cider vinegar can be purchased at the local supermarket.


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