Natural Hair Care Tips

How to Protect Your Hair from Pollution

The scalp is also a victim as pollutants act as an aggressor to that sensitive area, making it even more fragile.
In addition, dust and smoke coat the hair, which can cut down drastically on the shine factor. Smoke from cigars and cigarettes have a similar effect—even if you’re not the one smoking. Thankfully, bars and restaurants in many major cities have banned smoking, so passive smoke is no longer a problem.

Human hair close-up

Human hair close-up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are a few ways to protect your hair from these noxious environmental factors:

    • Shampoo your hair more often with gentle, frequent use products.
    • Massage your scalp on a daily basis, as increasing blood flow will encourage a healthier scalp.
    • Wear a hat or scarf—a fashion statement in all seasons!
    • Relax. The stress of city life can have a detrimental effect on your hair, so set aside a few moments of down time every day.

Some hair care brands offer “anti-pollution” products, which are said to create a protective film around the hair shaft. There is no scientific proof that these products actually cut down on the negative effects of pollution, but try them if you’re tempted and you be the judge!

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