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How to Grow Facial Hair Faster

How to Make Facial Hair Grow Faster & Thicker

Facial hair moment - beard version

Facial hair moment – beard version (Photo credit: Brandon Milner)

A thick, full facial hair has historically been a symbol of power, ruggedness and masculinity in some cultures. Growing a full beard or even just a mustache requires some patience and perseverance since the rate your hair grows and how thick it comes in depends largely on genetics and levels of testosterone. Although nature dictates your hair growth, you can take some steps to help it along.

Step 1

Eat right and get plenty of rest. It sounds like common sense, but the condition of your facial hair directly corresponds to the health of your body. Incorporate protein-rich foods, such as fish, eggs and beans, into your diet. Reduce stresses in your life, and get a full night’s sleep. Senior trichologist at the Belgravia Centre, Leonora Doclis reports that “Stress can indeed cause hair loss, particularly diffuse hair loss and telogen effluvium.”

Step 2

Supplement your healthy diet with vitamins and minerals shown to improve hair growth. Dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Benabio recommends taking 2.5 mg of biotin a day. Other supplements that may increase facial hair growth include, but not limited to, vitamins B6, C and E as well as beta-carotene, nettle and flax seed oil. Consult your doctor prior to beginning a supplement routine and discuss the appropriate dosage for each.

Step 3

Commit to growing your facial hair. Many potential beards and goatees get shaved off at the first sign of itching. It will take at least four weeks for your facial hair to grow in completely, and you will have to endure a period of uncomfortable itching. Resist the temptation to shave it and eventually the hairs on your face will soften. Also, don’t trim or shape your facial hair for the first month as the hairs grow at various rates on different areas of your face.

Step 4

Work with what you’ve got. Unlike the hair on the top of your head, your beard will not cover every area of your face. Genetics and hormones determine the thickness of your facial hair. If it turns out you’ve got a nice thick beard, you may just shape it around the neck and cheekbones. However, if you have a few thin spots on the cheeks or chin, consider sporting a goatee or mustache.

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2 comments on “How to Grow Facial Hair Faster

  1. Bali tour
    April 12, 2014

    Great Aticle
    Thank you for the information

  2. Joseph Gibbs
    July 27, 2014

    You made several valid points when it comes to growing facial hair faster. I am glad you included the issue about proper rest in your pointers.

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