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Questions about Natural Hair Care

Embracing a natural lifestyle means having to rethink some of the daily things you do. One of these things is how to care for hair. Just because you decide to embrace a natural lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can’t have luxurious hair. In fact, the exact opposite is true. You can have long and beautiful hair using natural treatments.

Questions about Natural Hair Care
Are Shampoos and Other Hair Care Products Ruining Your Hair?

If you take a look at your shampoo bottle, or even your conditioner label, you will likely find a lot of ingredients that you don’t recognize. Some of these you likely can’t even pronounce. All of these chemicals can damage your hair. Sure, you may enjoy some temporary benefits, but a lot of ingredients can actually dry your hair out. Some conditioners may make your hair feel soft for a little while after it dries, but after using natural hair care options, you will notice that the softness lasts longer than it did with chemical-based products.

What Are Some Options for Natural Hair Care?

Your hair needs moisture to look its best. Adding some essential oils to your hair care routine can go a long way. Lavender oil and rosemary oil are two of the possibilities you can try. Use these as part of a final rinse. You can even make rosemary water to wash your hair with daily in lieu of store-bought shampoo.

You can make natural hair packs, which are like masks for your hair. One common hair mask that can help to add life to your dull hair is a mixture of honey and egg. Mix one egg yolk with a tablespoon of raw honey. Massage it into your scalp and rub through your hair. If you have longer hair, you can multiply this recipe by two, three, or more depending on how long and thick your hair is. Leave this pack on your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot, as hot water will cook the egg yolk and make it very difficult to remove from your hair.

What Else Can I Do to Help My Hair?

You can eat a healthy diet and reduce stress in your life to give your hair a boost. Just as with any part of your body, what you choose to eat and how you live can affect your hair. Eating fruits and vegetables will help your hair to stay healthy. If you smoke, you will notice a big improvement in your hair when you stop smoking. The same goes for alcohol.

What is the Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that almost every decision you make can help to ensure you have luxurious hair. If you choose to wash your hair with natural washes instead of chemical shampoos, you will see an improvement. If you choose to style your hair in a natural way that doesn’t involve hot tools or harsh chemicals, you will see a big improvement. If you eat a healthy diet and make smart lifestyle choices, your hair will improve.

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