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Reverse time with younger-looking hair… naturally!

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bigstock-Healthy-long-Hair-26539205The latest and greatest trend in hair care is Anti-Aging. Yup, that’s right. The same ingredients that help keep your skin looking young can and are being used in shampoos and conditioners to reverse the damage that aging inflicts on your luxurious locks.

In a lot of ways, your hair suffers much more than your skin as you age. Harsh environmental factors, chemical colouring and styling tools inflict extensive damage, hastening the onset of dry, brittle and worn out strands. Harpers Bazaar recently cited a study that claimed thick, shiny hair makes women appear younger, while dull and lifeless hair adds years to your look.

Frankly this news doesn’t seem like news to us. As natural beauty proponents, we have always known that taking care of your body also includes your hair. Sea Buckthorn does, after all, mean “Shining Horse,” a reference to the radiant hair of the horses that…

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