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How to Prevent Scalp Fungus in your Hair

What causes scalp fungus? This contagious fungal infection is more common in children than adults. Not only can it be picked up from other people, it can be transferred from animals. Many dogs and cats carry ringworm, so if your pet has bald spots in its fur, it’s possible that it has the infection and can pass it along to you and your family. This, however, is not the most common way of contracting scalp fungus. It’s much more likely to get it from another person. This can happen when you use someone else’s hat, scarf, brush, comb or hair accessory, where the fungus can survive for months.

how to treat scalp fungus

There are ways to prevent scalp fungus — or, at least, reduce your chances of getting it:

Monitor your pet’s coat. Seek veterinary evaluation and treatment for it if you notice bald spots.
Avoid using another person’s hats, scarves, brushes, combs and hair accessories — even if that person’s scalp looks normal.
Wash sweat out of your hair after a workout. Fungus thrives in damp, moist areas.
Make sure you immediately treat any scrapes or cuts on your scalp.

Scalp fungus can be difficult to treat — even more so than other ringworm-related conditions. However, if you find yourself with the infection, see a doctor right away. To completely eliminate the fungus, you’ll need to take a prescribed antifungal medication. Antifungal shampoos are another recommended treatment for scalp fungus, but alone, they’re not strong enough to conquer the infection. However, the shampoo may be a good preventive treatment if you think you’ve been exposed to ringworm but haven’t yet acquired scalp fungus. -Continue reading….


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  2. geremew muluken
    May 16, 2016

    i coud’t understand how can i use the medicine?

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