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Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Common baldness in women, also called female pattern alopecia, is genetically inherited and can come from either the mother’s or father’s side of the family. Female alopecia most commonly presents in a diffuse pattern, where hair loss occurs over the entire scalp. Less commonly, women exhibit a patterned distribution where most of the thinning occurs on the front and top of the scalp with relative sparing of the back and sides.

Medical Conditions That Can Cause Diffuse Hair Loss in Women

Women’s hair seems to be particularly sensitive to underlying medical conditions. Since systemic medical conditions often cause a diffuse type of hair loss pattern that can be confused with genetic balding, it is important that women with undiagnosed alopecia be properly evaluated by a doctor specializing in hair loss (i.e., a dermatologist).

Below is a list of medical conditions that can lead to a diffuse pattern of hair loss:

  • Obstetric and gynecologic conditions; such as post-partum and post-menopausal states or ovarian tumors
  • Anemia (iron deficiency)
  • Thyroid disease
  • Connective tissue diseases, such as Lupus
  • Nutritional causes including crash diets, bulimia, protein/calorie deficiency, essential fatty acid or zinc deficiency, malabsorbtion, and hypervitaminosis

Alopecia (Photo credit: meke)

A Stress from surgical procedures, general anesthesia, or severe emotional problems

Drugs That Can Cause Diffuse Hair Loss in Women

A relatively large number of drugs can cause “telogen effluvium,” a condition where hair is shifted into a resting stage and then several months later shed. Fortunately, this shedding is reversible if the medication is stopped, but the reaction can be confused with genetic female hair loss if not properly diagnosed. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause a diffuse type of hair loss called “anagen effluvium” that can be very extensive. This hair loss is also reversible when the therapy is over, but the hair does not always return to its pre-treatment thickness.

Causes of Telogen Effluvium

  • Blood thinners (anti-coagulants) such as warfarin and heparin
  • Seizure medication (most commonly dilantin)
  • Medication for gout, colchicines, and alopurinol (Xyloprim)
  • Blood pressure medication, particularly the b-blockers (such as Inderal) or diuretics
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (such as prednisone)
  • Medications that lower cholesterol and other lipids
  • Mood altering drugs such as lithium, tri-cyclics, Elavil, Prozac
  • Thyroid medications
  • Oral contraceptive agents, particularly those high in progestins
  • Miscellaneous medications, such as diet pills, high doses of Vitamin A, street drugs (cocaine


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