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New Hair Style by Moody_Thursday

So this has been my issue with my wavy, waist-length hair~ my scalp is very oily, and the rest of the hair is quite dry.  If I use products for dry hair, my scalp gets WAY too oily.  If I use stuff for oily hair, my hair becomes dry like hay.  So this is what I’ve come up with!

1) I wash my hair like normal with Tresseme.  Apply a bit of olive oil to the ends and a bit further up (but *not* the roots/scalp/etc).  Once it’s almost dry, I make sure it’s completely dry with a blow-drier.  (Surprisingly, the olive oil made my hair stay pretty straight after blow-drying!)

2) Apply a bit more oil if still too dry.  Adding more is easier than putting too much in and having to take it out!

3) Brush thoroughly to even out any oil.  Straighten with a flat iron.

4) Apply some dry shampoo to the roots/scalp to soak up any oil that might have gotten up there.

And ta-da!  Now my hair is evenly moisturized and not oily 🙂   Woo hoo!

new hair style

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