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How to take Care oily Hair?


Read on to find out what it takes to achieve beautiful, oil-free strands:


English: Alopeica Areata a bald spot on head o...

English: Alopeica Areata a bald spot on head or scalp. loss of hair from stress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– Avoid washing your hair every day because it will only strip your hair of its natural oils. Your scalp will produce even more sebum, and you will find yourself in a vicious circle.

– After you wash your hair with a shampoo for dry scalp (recommended in case of oily roots), cleanse your hair with a vinegar or lemon rinse (one part vinegar/lemon and 4 parts water). This will cleanse the shampoo residue, leaving your hair fresh, squeaky clean and less greasy.

– Stop using hot water on your hair, and rinse with lukewarm-cool water. Be patient and continue for a couple of weeks until your hair gets the message and produces less and less sebum.

– Wash your hair with Sulphur soap once a week and leave it on the scalp for some minutes before you rinse it out. Its astringent properties will give you healthier looking hair.

– Do not condition your hair roots (just the lengths and tips), and stay away from styling gels, waxes and oils that tend to weigh down your hair even more

– Avoid rubbing your hair in a towel and don’t blow-dry it using a high temperature.
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    June 1, 2013

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      June 8, 2013

      Thanks. Please keep reading my cute blog. I love giving information to all the girls and men out there about hair and health.

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